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We make the blades of your wind turbines superhydrophobic. With the high-strength superhydrophobic KFOBIX-Wind coating, the blades of your turbines do not hold water and do not freeze.

Wind energy producers can face huge efficiency losses and plant shutdowns as a result of icing on turbine blades.

No more facility cuts

No more turbine whistling

No more defrost cleaning costs

Higher energy efficiency with 7/ 24 passive



 With KFOBIX, your panels do not need to be cleaned as often and your energy efficiency is greatly increased with 24/7 protection against contamination.

Getting dirt of the solar panel surfaces brings with it a big efficiency problem.

With the KFOBIX transparent, superhydrophobic, long-lasting coating that is resistant to outdoor conditions, you can prevent your solar panels from getting dirty due to rain water and all liquid effects.

Your panels are not affected by rain water and other

liquid factors

High efficiency with 24/7 passive protection

Much less cleaning frequency, no panel cleaning costs

Much less water and chemical consumption for


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